Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Robot Models

These are some of my photographs of my recent character models. I am considering using my models to make a short children's book. I intend to draw from these models using the items from the toolbox.
© Copyright Rebecca Louise 2012

FdA Illustration Final Major Project

I have finally found my images of my final major project last year! This is my degree show from last year which went really well, I've even had offers for buying the book and inquiries about making more bean bags! 
In the meantime, have been working on my first illustration job with local author Mick Piper. Mick has written a lovely children's book titled 'Freddie's Woods', of which I am the illustrator. The book should be in bookstores across the country, including Waterstones, by March 2013. Very excited to see my name on the shelves! 
© Copyright Rebecca Louise 2012

Monday, 22 October 2012

The 30 Way

For this summer project, each time I stopped at a 30 sign, I drew a part of the photograph with an implement that I found in my immediate surroundings. I started off timing each session for 2 minutes, but I then reduced this to 1 minute as I was drawing the image too quickly, and I had 26 thirty signs to get through.
I have a recording of the experience but as a result of having 28 minutes worth of film for this project, I have saved the movie onto a disk, as it is too larger file to upload to my blog.
This project I feel has fed into my interest in working with found objects and unusual implements. I feel it has inspired me to work with fabricated objects as opposed to the natural forms found in the countryside. 
© Copyright Rebecca Louise 2012

Toolbox Mark Making

These are some of the marks that I made using the tools by dipping them into ink. I now intend on drawing the robots using the tools to see if I get a scratchy, jagged effect. I really like the way the pencil wood has absorbed and softened the ink. I also like the way the teeth of the saw blade have created even linear marks.
© Copyright Rebecca Louise 2012

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Toolbox Drawing

As shown above, I have become interested in working with unusual implements such as leaves, sticks and cigarette butts. Following this, I have searched for rustic implements from the contents of my great granddad's old tool box. I am curious to know if they will help to make my drawing a little bit harsh, jagged and sharp. I chose to look into the toolbox after looking back at previous characters I produced for a Sexual Health leaflet. These were two tiny robots, a loving couple, and I thought, "wouldn't it be great to have two tiny robots that lived in a toolbox?"
© Copyright Rebecca Louise 2012

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Experimenting with Scale and Media

Here are some snap shots of a large drawing of my Quinzepede, I found these were far more interesting than the image as a whole. The image was drawn onto some brown wrapping paper with a mixture of ink dipped with a brush, a sponge, a cockerel feather, white chalk, PVA glue, and some Glass Paints. 
© Copyright Rebecca Louise 2012