Friday, 20 January 2012

Battle Arts Trail continued in Battle and Langton Primary School

After the Battle Art's Trail I was given the opportunity to develop the Dot-to-Dot further and painted a larger version of the whole 'battle' scene on a pathway in the playground at Battle and Langton Primary School. The paint had to be non-slip given it was on a slope. The children were then invited in groups to join the dots and colour in the image in chalks. The children loved it and said, 'This is better than P.E!'. I was then told by their teacher, 'There aren't many things better than P.E!'  So I'm chuffed to bits with that!
© Copyright Rebecca Louise 2012

Battle Arts Trail 2011, Dot-to-Dot Bayeux

In September 2011 I took part in the Battle Art's Trail where I produced a series of site specific Dot-to-Dot's of the Bayeux Tapestry. These were/are located on the pathway behind the high street, beside the cricket ground. The concept was to play on public curiosity, the further they walked, more dots emerged, as they emerged the images gradually became clearer and so the public could recognise and associate with them. A bit like an 'Ah! Now I see what it is' kind of moment! The reaction I received was very positive and the locals seemed to really enjoy it. 
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© Random Letters

Just some various random letters I have doodled on my travels.
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